Imovane (Zopiclone)

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Can I buy Imovane without a prescription?

Modern medical science knows generic Imovane as a pharmaceutical with pronounced psychoactive abilities of cyclopyrrolone class. Such class of preparations differs structurally from benzodiazepine and barbiturate classes. The drug is notable for providing muscle relaxant, anticonvulsive, hypnotic, and soothing effects.

Zopiclone, which is the name of its active material, appears to be another widely known name of generic Imovane. This soporific agent is responsible for:

  1. Reduction of time required for falling asleep
  2. Prolongation of sleep duration
  3. Improvement of sleep quality
  4. Easier waking up
  5. Reduction of nighttime awakenings frequency

Human body does not develop a habit of taking generic Imovane without a prescription for up to 17 weeks. Nevertheless, you should consider a consultation with your MD before the beginning of treatment with this medicine. Always remember that self-treatment may lead to some harmful consequences what regards your health.

Even though zopiclone can be available on numerous websites in the global network, you would need to consider the reputation of such pharmacies before trying to get the drug. Keep in mind that you might stumble upon counterfeit pharmaceuticals made by some dishonest manufacturers. Be careful!


As a rule, medics prescribe Imovane to treat such indispositions as:

  • Early awakenings
  • Frequent waking up at night
  • Complications in falling asleep
  • Occasional, chronic, and temporary wakefulness

Given that some secondary sleep disturbances are caused by psychiatric disorders, doctors could prescribe this medicine as well.

Safety precautions

Always remember that there is a probability of getting drug dependence when taking too much zopiclone without a prescription or doing it for too long, even if the risk is comparably low. It is also possible when a person drinks alcohol and abuses drugs, or takes another psychotropic pharmaceutical.

What is my dosage?

Only an experienced specialist should determine individual dosage, so be sure to contact your physician before taking Imovane. Keep that in mind before further reading ― the following information should not substitute for a doctor’s prescription.

The typical daily dosage makes for 7,5 mg. It means that people under 65 without specific diseases can take a tablet per day. People who suffer liver dysfunction or chronic pulmonary insufficiency need to limit the daily dosage with 3,75 mg (1/2 of a pill); it also works for elderly patients (65 and older).

Zopiclone is usually taken before going to bed.

 What are the adverse reactions to Imovane?

Modern medical science supposes that dry mouth is the most common side effect of treatment with this medication. Other adverse reactions include:

  1. Digestive system: gastric indigestion, sporadic cases of slight increase in the activity of alkaline phosphatase and hepatic transaminase in blood serum
  2. Allergic reactions: Quincke’s oedema (very seldom), anaphylactic reaction, skin itch, rash
  3. CNS: giddiness, headaches, leftover sleepiness, anterograde amnesia; rare cases ― nightmares, dejections, disturbed movement coordination, irritability, feeling of depression, embarrassment, mental confusion, inadequate behavior, aggressiveness, hallucinations

The cessation of therapy might cause abstinence syndrome, which could involve excessive perspiration, tachycardia, shivering, or, very rarely, seizures.

What are the signs of overdose with Imovane?

Typically, an overdose happens when combining the drug with other CNS inhibitors, including alcohol. Keep in mind that it could lead to the fatal outcome.

Possible signs may include:

  • Suppression of central nervous system: sleepiness, coma, etc.
  • Mild: somnolence, mental confusion, apathy
  • Severe: ataxia, respiratory compromise, arterial hypotension

If you have noticed some concerning signs of overdose, seek for emergency medical aid as soon as possible.

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