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Can I buy Ativan without a prescription?

Generic Ativan is a relatively popular preparation that is prescribed for patients who suffer anxiety disorders. Also known by the name of its active material, which is lorazepam, this benzodiazepine medication is capable of reducing the feelings of anxiety and agitation. Medics consider it to be a quite potent pharmaceutical that:

  1. Suppresses spasms
  2. Eliminates sickness
  3. Prevents vomiting
  4. Keeps muscles relaxed

Your physician might prescribe you this drug if a treatment is required as soon as possible. First and foremost, it regards the following diseases: acute epilepsia/fits, sleeplessness, and anxiety.

Generic Ativan is commonly used for quieting an outburst of aggression and keeping a patient in restful state. Keep in mind that lorazepam is also capable of forming a habit. Thus and so, medics strongly dissuade people from taking this pharmaceutical for more than a couple of weeks, unless your MD recommends you the contrary.

Important information

You may not know that Ativan can be found in Model List of Essential Medicines, which indicates the importance of this pharmaceutical for contemporary healthcare system.

The effect of lorazepam is not prolonged. There is a possibility of recurrent uneasiness and insomnia, as well as the withdrawal syndrome, during a week after taking the drug.

Uses of Ativan

Modern medical science has learnt that this active material has the ability to reduce feelings of anxiety. As the result, physicians recommend to take this medication on order to lessen the symptoms of severe anxiety in short term. Being a quick-acting pharmaceutical, Ativan proves its usefulness in treatment of panic anxiety that is characterized by quick development. Apart from the anxious feelings reduction, this medicine helps people by sleep facilitation.

Sometimes medics use this drug for preanesthetic medication. It is possible due to its ability to suppress the feeling of anxiety and agitation. Considering the averting of new memory formation, this medicine is proven to be quite effective. It is used before endoscopy, painful dental procedure, or narcosis. The drug is responsible for the procedural amnesia initiation and makes it possible to lessen the dosage of used anesthetic.

This pharmaceutical is considered to be an adequate option when it comes to a short-term treatment of insomnia thanks to the clinical effect duration after each intake. It is quite important in cases of nightmares or severe anxiety.

What are the adverse reactions to Ativan?

The most typical adverse reactions to this medicine are:

  • Ataxia
  • Suicide tendency or behavior
  • Respiratory depression
  • Hypotension
  • New memory formation suppression
  • Sedation
  • Behavioral lethargy
  • Paradoxical effects (temper tantrums, psychomotor agitation, etc.)
  • Hangover effect
  • Amnesia
  • Mental confusion

If you stick to the minimal dosage, the risk of negative reactions development is considerably lower. On the other hand, it increases if you combine the drug with another CNS depressant.


The intense adverse reactions, which are mentioned above, might be the symptoms of an overdose. If they become concerning, seek for emergency medical aid as soon as possible.

Can I find generic Ativan without a prescription?

Numerous pharmacies offer lorazepam via Internet. Nevertheless, be sure to check your local law in order to know whether you have the right to use this pharmaceutical without a prescription.

Be aware of dishonest people that distribute counterfeit medications via the global network. Remember that such drugs might be harmful for your health.

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