Accutane (Isotretinoin)

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Can I buy Accutane without a prescription?

Medics claim that generic Accutane appears to be a very efficient cure that makes it possible to cope with the most severe acne case.

It is a routine matter when a patient despairs because all other methods of acne treatment (including antibiotics) have given unsatisfactory results, thus, he/she considers using generic Accutane in order to get rid of such troublesome and distressing skin disease.

Another widely known name for this pharmaceutical is isotretinoin. This agent contains retinoic acid and appears to be very popular nowadays among people who want to make their skin clean.

Safety precautions and important information

Female patients of fertile age would need to be examined by a doctor before the beginning of treatment with isotretinoin. It goes without saying that this physician should have a substantial knowledge about retinoic acid treatment. This active material is capable of causing severe side effects to human organism; moreover, it might lead to congenital defect development in fetus.

Since this medication is usually considered as sort of last resort cure, female patients would need to take some safety measures before they start taking the drug. These steps should involve:

  1. Ruling out the possibility of impregnation (can be done by a consultation with gynecologist and taking a few pregnancy tests)
  2. Studying the list of possible side reactions and other information about the pharmaceutical that is important to know for a patient
  3. Using the high-performance contraception a few weeks before the therapy would begin (it would be necessary to practise safe sex for the whole treatment period and a few months after that)

When taking this pharmaceutical, women should not breastfeed. Apart from that, the same applies to the month following the cessation of treatment.

Although it is possible to find Accutane without a prescription in the global network, there are some points you would need to consider. First, the free distribution of such pharmaceuticals could be prohibited in your country or state, so it would be reasonable to check your local law beforehand. Second, be aware of dishonest manufacturers that may offer counterfeit production ― ensure that a website has an impeccable reputation.

What is more, keep in mind that self-treatment may cause harm to your health. Always consider having a conversation with your physician before trying to get isotretinoin without a prescription.

How does generic Accutane work?

To put it in simpler words, here is a short explanation of the action mechanism:

  1. Sebum is secreted by so-called sebaceous glands; isotretinoin is notable for blocking these glands with no trouble at all
  2. As the result, the production of sebaceous matter is reduced to a significant extent ― skin becomes clearer

As you might have guessed, this process implies that a patient would get rid of pustules.

Possible adverse reactions to Accutane

The medication might lead to such side reactions as:

  • Impairment of vision or hearing
  • High intracranial pressure
  • Huskiness
  • Inflammation of intestine
  • Inhibition of good cholesterol
  • Pancreatitis

Medics recommend using Accutane with all the responsibility. Although there is no specific evidence that the drug might lead to depression, psychosis, and suicide proneness, be careful and stick to the prescription.

Overdose symptoms

If you have noticed apparent adverse reactions that are mentioned above, it might be an indication of overdose with Accutane. In that case, seek for emergency medical aid as soon as possible. Do not try to manage with it on your own!

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