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Can I buy Levitra without a prescription?

At present, modern medical science considers generic Levitra as quite efficient medicine that is capable of coping with different forms of sexual frustration and has a protracted effect, which could last up to 35 hours and even longer. Apart from that, it has another distinctive feature. The thing is in the selective nature of its action, which means that the pharmaceutical affects only nonstriated muscles.

Some people may know this medication by its generic name, which is vardenafil. This active material makes blood flow more intense and facilitates the blood filling of cavernous bodies. There are some other important features of generic Levitra without a prescription:

  1. This medicinal agent is not a hormonal pharmaceutical
  2. The state of mind stays unaffected when taking this drug

There is a misconception implying that such preparations as Levitra are capable of causing erection and sexual arousal by themselves. Of course, that is not true. In fact, these drugs require intense and genuine sexual desire in order to show their action. In that case, the completely natural erection is guaranteed.

Pharmacological action

It is known that the physiological organism of erection requires the involvement of phosphodiesterase 5. Vardenafil inhibits this enzyme, providing the erection. Specifically, it is responsible for:

  • Relaxation of nonstriated muscles vessel layer
  • Increased level of cyclical guanosine monophosphate content
  • Intensified blood flow to the genital organ

The development of Levitra’s effect requires sexual stimulation. It means that nitric oxide should be released by each nerve ending of cavernous bodies. Such release makes it possible to increase the level of cyclical guanosine monophosphate.

Since the interaction of active material and phosphodiesterase 5 is characterized by high selectivity, this pharmaceutical does not affect any organ or system, which functions are subject to other phosphodiesterase regulation.

Safety precautions

The following categories need to stay away from vardenafil:

  1. Women
  2. Children
  3. People who are sensitive to this active material

As experience has shown, there is a need of medical control and careful therapy in patients suffering:

  • Priapism tendency
  • Acute hepatic disease
  • Stenocardia
  • Penis deformation
  • Exacerbated ulcer
  • Inherited retina disease
  • Hepatic dysfunction

In cases when patients are recovering after strokes or myocardial infarctions, it might be risky to take Levitra. Medical advice is highly recommended in these cases.

What are the adverse reactions to generic Levitra without a prescription?

As a rule, a course of therapy with this medicine goes quite well. However, negative reactions might develop, even though the possibility is very low. According to post-marketing and clinical trials, vardenafil might lead to the following side effects:

  • Vessels: heart stroke, arterial pressure lability, vasodilatation, cardiac muscle ishaemia
  • Respiratory system: rhinorrhea, swollen Schneiderian membrane
  • Central nervous system: sleep disorder, increased lassitude, convulsions, giddiness, paresthesia, somnolence
  • Other: low-back pain, increased muscle tone

Do not let these negative reactions develop further. If you have noticed any symptom from this list, it would be reasonable to consult your physician.

Is there a possibility of overdose with Levitra?

Pharmacology tells us that no severe adverse reactions have been noticed with a dosing schedule like 80 mg per day. However, low-back pain might be expected in case you take 40 mg twice per one day. There should be no signs of toxic influence.

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