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Can I buy Lasix without a prescription?

Generic Lasix is a quick-relief loopback diuretic, which means that it helps the body to get rid of extra water via urine. It violates the reabsorption of chlorine and sodium ions in the particular part of kidney. Due to increased output of sodium ions, potassium ions are more actively secreted in the distal convoluted tubule. Coincidently, magnesium and calcium are excreted faster.

Its secondary actions are associated with the release of intracellular mediators and intrarenal blood flow redistribution. Protracted treatment with Lasix does not cause the effect to weaken.

Furosemide is an active substance of this medical product as well as its brand name. It is a saluretic agent, Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid derivative, therefore it has urinative and hypertensive short-term effect.

Lasix uses

The drug is taken by people having the following conditions:

  • Edema syndrome cased by cardiac, hepatic, renal and food / alcohol intoxication diseases
  • Pulmonary edema, brain swelling
  • Edema that occurs as a result of burn disease
  • Arterial hypertension
  • Forced diuresis
  • Renal insufficiency
  • Pre-eclampsia that occurs during pregnancy

According to most medical specialists, Furosemide should not be used without prescription. The sick person is recommended to see a general practitioner to discuss the history of the present illness and elaborate individual treatment plan.  Neglecting the consultation may cost the patient too dearly. The correct treatment with Generic Lasix yields the best results, and vice versa.


After the prescription has been received from a doctor, it is time to cure the disease using Furosemide. The medicament is naturally available in a tablet or injection form. The starting dose should be minimal so as not to cause any harm in the patient.

Before initiating the therapy the ill person needs to check blood pressure, level of electrolytes in the blood and acid-base balance. During the course of treatment with Generic Lasix, the electrolyte loss should be monitored and continuously replenished.

In most cases, medical care providers ask the patients to take the drug in a tablet form, however, if a person’s condition is regarded as life-threatening, the medicine should be administrated intravenously.

The dose should be given slowly, not less than 1.5-2 minutes. However, once the patient’s condition is improved and stabilized, it is necessary to switch to tablets as quickly as possible: intravenous administration leads to development of adverse reactions.

Side effects

  1. If Furosemide is taken in large amounts, the circulating blood volume is gradually decreased and as a result, the blood can thicken and vein thrombosis begins.
  2. There may be electrolyte and body water changes impacting biochemical indicators: creatinine, cholesterol, glucose levels may increase.
  3. Diseases affecting the cardiovascular system: a sudden fall in blood pressure which will manifest with common symptoms and signs.
  4. Allergic reactions can be exhibited by cutaneous pathologies:
    • Purpura
    • Urticaria
    • Dermatitis
    • Pruritus

Very rarely though, but blood abnormalities may occur: eosinophilia, leukopinia, etc.


Lasix is forbidden from use in the patients who:

  • Have electrolytic imbalance
  • Intolerant to Furosemide or other component
  • Anuric, dehydrated, hypokalemic and hyponatremic people and those with Hepatic encephalopathy

One should be extremely careful when taking Lasix under conditions when sudden drop blood pressure and urinary difficulties can be dangerous.

P.S. In case of an overdose, a decrease in blood pressure and disturbances in electrolyte balance can be detected.

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