Treatment of impotence at home

Treatment of impotence with honey Is it possible to treat impotence at home? This issue is of concern of all men because they are not prone to visit doctors by their nature and try not to endure their intimate problems for discussion.

In general, impotence is understood as the inability of a man to have a full sexual intercourse for various reasons, which are determined during diagnostic activities. These reasons can be both of organic (functional) nature and psychological.

Often, the following factors lead to sexual weakness:

  • excessive use of alcohol (especially beer)
  • acceptance of certain medications
  • the appointment of sedatives (hypnotics), etc.

That is why it is possible to treat impotence at home but only after careful medical analysis, with the help of which the true cause of impotence development will be revealed.

The main mistake of all men is to start treatment of sexual weakness with folk remedies at home. They tend to eliminate all the unpleasant symptoms for them quickly without thinking about the cause that provoked impotence.

On an apparent background of full recovery, after a while, all the signs come back again, and often, in a reinforced version, which puts men in shock and protracted depression.

Do not think that by folk remedies used at home, impotence can be cured without much effort. All these remedies provide the adjustment of lifestyle and nutrition. Many men believe that while continuing to pamper themselves with alcohol, without giving up smoking or promiscuous sexual relations, after drinking “magic herbs”, they can cure impotence at home.

Give more time to rest, mostly in the open air.

Here is an approximate way of life, which folk healers recommend:

  • sleep at least 7-10 hours a day
  • take steam baths, in the absence of contraindications to them
  • go sunbathing (at a beach) until 11 AM
  • conduct fasting courses under the supervision of a doctor twice for 3-6 days and once for 25-30 days
  • full refusal of alcohol, cigarettes, coffee, and strong tea shall occur
  • root crops (carrots, beets, turnips) should be in the daily diet
  • salads from raw vegetables must be twice a day.

Treatment in home should be started only after a thorough examination. Sexual dysfunctions often develop against diabetes mellitus, neuroses, depressions, endocrine diseases, problems with the spine and cardiovascular system. If you start treatment at home with folk remedies but do not try to eliminate the above reasons, the result of treatment will be zeroed. Food for Treatment of impotence at home

Factors that can trigger the development of impotence:

  • disrupted diet and malnutrition
  • excessive physical and mental overload
  • bad ecology, harmful production
  • syndrome of chronic fatigue
  • strong drinks, smoking, drugs.

It is also worth noting that the constant intake of such drugs as Kamagra and Levitra is not a complete elimination of the problem, since they do not affect the psychological aspect, but only temporarily eliminate unpleasant symptoms.

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