Treatment of hypertension with diuretics

Diuretic in hypertension is used to combat this disease for over 50 years and to this day remains one of the most effective means. Diuretics help remove excess salt and water from the body through the urine, which helps reduce pressure. Thanks to the use of such drugs, it is possible to reduce puffiness and burden on the heart.Treatment of hypertension with diuretics

These pills have a diuretic effect and are actively used in pathologies of the cardiovascular system, which are accompanied by increased pressure. These drugs are considered the main means for the treatment of hypertension. Thanks to their use, it is possible to remove salt and water from the body.

After a while, the body becomes addictive, which allows you removing excess fluid naturally. Due to this, the effect of reducing pressure is maintained. This indicator is normalized not under the influence of diuretics, but as a result of weakened resistance to blood flow.

The use of diuretics significantly reduces the threat of complications that often accompany hypertension. Due to their intake, the risk of stroke is reduced by 40%, and heart attack – by 15%.

The use of diuretics in hypertension leads to the following results:

  • influencing the cells of renal canals, activation of absorption, and filtration
  • reducing the amount of fluid that is present in the circulatory system
  • reducing the effect of a substance that narrows the blood vessels.

Diuretic for cupping of hypertensive crisis is applied only in the case when there is a delay of fluid in the body. In this case, you need to use high-speed drugs – for example, Furosemide.

If the amount of circulating blood does not correspond to normal indices, the use of diuretics is categorically contraindicated. They can lead to severe vomiting or cause a delay in urination.

Diuretics for hypertension are prescribed in a small dosage, but with long courses. If the patient does not improve and the pressure fluctuations persist, therapy needs to be adjusted. In such situation, the daily volume of the medicine shall not increase, since this will lead to the development of dangerous consequences.

The use of diuretics in increased dosage provokes the development of diabetes mellitus. It can also cause an increase in the cholesterol content in the blood. Therefore, it is advisable not to increase the dosage of the drug, but to replace it with stronger diuretics and to combine it with other medicines to treat hypertension.

Diuretics, such as Lasix and other analogs available in pharmacies are considered very effective in the treatment of hypertension. However, such medications should be prescribed exclusively by the attending physician, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism. Such drugs have many contraindications and can provoke dangerous complications.

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