The effect of antidepressants on patients with pressure disorders

Antidepressants are used when there are signs of depression: longing, anxiety, mental retardation, discouragement. These symptoms are similar in many respects to those that occur with pressure disorders. Depression is one of the reasons for the development of this disease.

The effect of antidepressants Antidepressants help return life to patients suffering from depression. They improve appetite and mood, lose yearning and despondency, insomnia disappears. Some drugs are able to activate energy, return a person’s interest in life. It should be noted that these drugs affect only the patient suffering from depression.

Antidepressants are prescribed to the patient when the disease manifests itself maximally. In this case, the drugs do not work right away. The first results will appear after 2-4 weeks. The patient will take tranquilizers during this period, which will give the expected result much faster. Little by little, the proportion of antidepressants is increasing. The course of treatment lasts 4-6 months and another month is required for a gradual withdrawal from the drugs.

It should be borne in mind that antidepressants have side effects when undergoing a hypotonic type:

  • increased pressure
  • diseases of the digestive tract
  • nausea
  • pain in the head
  • intoxication of kidneys and liver
  • disturbances in the functioning of the reproductive system of a patient
  • partial amnesia
  • drowsiness
  • weakness.

As a rule, negative reactions are not immediately apparent, but a month later. Strongly effective drugs have contraindications for use. For example, combining with drugs, which include serotonin, they can provoke a mental disorder and even cause a fatal outcome. To avoid such consequences, a new drug should be used only 2 weeks after the last intake of the antidepressant. Tachycardia most often occurs with a cardiac form of the disease.

Women during pregnancy and lactation shall not use these drugs. Antidepressants for hypertension are incompatible with alcohol. Thus, the intake of these medicines is permitted solely under the supervision of the attending physician. The doctor will determine the appropriate drug, dosage. Different types of antidepressants affect the work of the cardiovascular system unequally. In many ways, the purpose of this or that drug intake depends on the variety of the disease.
patients with pressure disorders

At present, there is no consensus on the use of antidepressants for pressure disorders. Different specialists assess the effectiveness and necessity of prescribing these medicines differently. Adherents of antidepressant use note that they eliminate negative emotions, contribute to mood improvement, and have a beneficial effect on the central nervous system. With their help, you can neutralize the acute phase of the disease. In this case, the effect of antidepressants is milder than that of the first generation. They do not cause serious damage to the patient’s health. Opponents of this point of view give the following arguments:

  • antidepressants in neurosis have many side effects, which leads to a worsening of the patient’s condition
  • widespread use of these drugs promotes their spread among drug addicts who are looking for cheap substitutes for strong drugs, for example, heroin and cocaine
  • high price
  • duration of the therapy.

Therefore, the question whether antidepressants help remains disputable having no answer, especially concerning such strong ones as Valium and other drugs from pharmacies. Only the doctor will be able to choose the necessary dosage, so that the medicine has the desired effect on the human body, but does not harm it.

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