Benefits and harm of mono diets for the body: how to lose weight quickly

Benefits and harm of mono diets for the body The theme of weight loss, thin waist, tight hips and, of course, diets are becoming more relevant. Unfortunately, most of us, instead of persistently changing the diet from any they have to the correct and balanced one, prefer to go the shortest way. As it usually happens: we suddenly discover that the favorite dress does not converge on the waist, or the trousers have no advantage in accentuating the elegant thigh line, but emphasize the non-graceful protuberances.

In fact, mono-diet is the usual unloading days that have grown to indecent proportions. If unloading days, conducted with caution, bring only benefits, then long mono-diets can cause significant damage to our body.

Mono diet is the use of a single product for several days and in strictly limited quantities. This can be, for example, a kilogram of apples, a liter of milk, a glass of rice boiled in water without salt, a half kilogram of watermelon, or 300-400 g of cottage cheese, stretched for a day. Even chocolate mono-diet was invented! There are no restrictions on water – you can drink as much as you want. Mono diet gives the chance to get rid of several kilograms in a very short time, which is especially liked by those who like quick results. This is a visible favor.

The human body is a constantly updated balanced system. There is an ongoing process of replacing the old cells with new ones. The cellular composition of the human body is completely renewed in six months. Stopping this process means death. That is why it is so important for us to receive a variety of nutrients. But in nature, there is no product that would contain all or almost all the necessary vitamins, micro and macro elements, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other substances necessary for the normal life of the organism. Therefore, in those days when you eat one particular product, refusing the normal variety, your body begins to look for these substances inside self and finds them in the muscles and internal organs. Fat that you want to get rid of is mostly spent on maintaining energy. The process of losing weight occurs quickly, but not at the expense of fat loss, but by reducing muscle tissue. Not only diet but also special drugs, such as tablets Meridia available in pharmacies, can help.

Consciously choose a type of food, which, in the end, will bring your body in order. No sacrifices, no restrictions, no torments. A few basic rules for literate rationing:

  • eat diverse. There is a pledge of your well-being in this. It is a varied diet that will saturate your body with all the necessary nutrients
  • eat more often. Do not stick to the usual three meals a day – breakfast-lunch-dinner, as we all are accustomed to, but prefer a kindergarten five-time meal with a second breakfast and a snack – this will make you feel better
  • the amount of a portion at a time should not exceed 250 ml – this is not so small, given that you will have five such servings
  • drink more but not tea-coffee, only pure water
  • the amount of fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet should not be less than 50%. Salads, raw soups, smoothies – you can come up with a lot of useful and delicious dishes
  • refuse from stored sauces, canned food, semi-finished products and other products, stuffed with all kinds of chemistry. Thus, you will make a huge step towards harmony and health.

If you still want to torment yourself with a mono-diet, then arrange weekly unloading days. On Friday evening, prepare a light dinner, on Saturday, spend a day of unloading with one of the products (do not forget about the water!), and on Sunday, do not lean on harmful delicacies. You can make unloading on one particular product from among your loved ones, and you can alter them.

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